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Deus Ex Metällia
20th-Jul-2009 11:58 am - [text]
she tripped on a hole
Would any of you happen to know what an iPod is?
11th-Jul-2009 08:56 pm - WEEKLY NEWS DESU [Video]
[The video clicks on and CFP-tan appears, with her blue pigtails and headset mic as always. She is sitting at a desk with her hands folded over a neat stack of papers. Behind her, a large section of roof and wall appear to be missing, edged by scorchmarks. When she speaks, her voice is characteristically loud and obnoxious.]


[OOC cut for convenience.]Collapse )

[OOC Mod note: If your characters are looking for a job and/or need money, CFP-tan was serious about recruiting people to help rebuild. Leave her a comment here ICly and she'll get your character's name to the proper authorities.]
10th-Jul-2009 07:55 pm - [Voice]
Need to get my hands on some Grumblecake
I forgot I had this! It weighs like, way less then four pounds then the lappy. So, uh, hello?


Anyone wanna let me outta the inn celler now?

It's been, like, two weeks, man! I'm runnin' outta supplies to raid.
10th-Jul-2009 07:53 am - [Video]

Does anyone feel like exploring outside the city? This map-equipped device is burning a hole in my pocket and I heard something about "blood-drenched shrines"....

After the recent attack, it would be good to learn a bit about the enemy as well, wouldn't it?
7th-Jul-2009 12:55 am(no subject)
[One will notice right away that the gentleman on the screen not only does not seem to realize he is being watched, but is holding the device upside-down. His interactions with the PDA consist largely of tapping it and squinting at it.]

...The heck is this? This ain't like no radio I ever seen.
5th-Jul-2009 08:23 pm - 001 - [voice]
[Staticky sounds, followed by a few clicks and muffled thumps as if someone technologically challenged is trying to use the PDA...which happens to be the case]


Metallia, huh? Well...hell. I'd like to say this is the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me...but it ain't. So. Where the hell's this...uhh...Queen? The chick that was here a little while ago said to go see her if I had any questions--and I guess I've got a few.
4th-Jul-2009 09:57 pm - [voice]
the things we laid do not amount to much
... They were right. I'm alive.


So what happened?
3rd-Jul-2009 10:05 pm(no subject)
[HK-47 has found himself a bass. So there's only one logical thing to do... Rock out and let everyone hear it.]

Statement: Attention, meatbags. My name is HK-47, king of kings; look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

[He begins playing a rather ominous tune. Just like so.]
2nd-Jul-2009 10:34 pm - 01 ∞ [voice]
[Sounds of plucking can be heard in the background] Y'know... I've never actually played before, but this bass? Is friggin' nice.

Speaking of, does anyone know how I'm even capable of this? What's next, is it gonna shoot lightning, too?

...I should practice outside.
2nd-Jul-2009 02:28 pm - ✦02
my face bomb is cute! // lyrics
I have my microphone now. Queen is still okay. The Church doesn't look good, but Queen is okay and they're already working on fixing it.

I went down south, too. There's someone there who can teach you how to fight. He said his name was Tyr. We need to get back at E Nomine for what they did! We need to know how to fight the best we can!
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